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Monthly Archives: May 19, 2016

Suspended License

There are a number of reasons a license may be suspended. Here are some of the common traffic infractions for which your license may be suspended like :

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Red Light Tickets

If you have received a red light camera ticket, consider getting legal advice quickly.California has some of the stiffest fines for red light camera tickets, approximately $500. This does not include the raise in your insurance rates if points are assessed or the possibility that you may have to att...

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Speeding Tickets

At one time or another almost everyone who has ever been pulled over has tried to get out of a speeding ticket. They try to talk the officer out of the ticket there at the scene or by going to court and hoping to get it dismissed. Getting a ticket dismissed is not as common as it could be if people ...

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Traffic Ticket

A Santa Barbara or Solvang traffic ticket can make your insurance rates go up substantially, and additionally you could even lose your license with enough DMV points on your record. So it is important to fight every Santa Barbara or Solvang traffic ticket since each ticket...

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DMV Hearings Process

When arrested for DUI in California, your license is automatically suspended. However, you will receive a pink “Suspension Order and Temporary License” which allows you temporary driving privileges for 30 days. Following your arrest, you have ten days to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to s...

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