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Santa Barbara Traffic Attorney Reviews Top 5 Bail Bonds Companies

"Help! I'm in jail. I need a reputable bail bond company!" If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of choosing a bail bonds company, you'll benefit from this review of the top 5 Santa Barbara Bail Bonds companies. In an effort to ensure his clients are well informed, K...

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How Do I Select The Best Santa Barbara DUI Attorney?

How To Select The Best Santa Barbara Dui Attorney Hiring a Santa Barbara dui attorney is critical to your success if you are charged with drunk driving. There are about 2,700 drunk driving arrests in Santa Barbara County, home to more than 300,000 residents. There are thousands of dui atto...

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Underage Dui Penalties – Are They Less Severe?

Underage DUI Penalties - License Suspension and Fines When it comes to getting a DUI, underage drivers are easily at most risk for the most severe punishments available. While they might not spend years in jail for an offense, there are many more conse...

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What Are The Penalties for a DUI?

DUI penalties are more serious than you think. Getting a DUI...

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