What Are 5 Ways Santa Barbara Drunk Drivers Get Caught?

Santa Barbara Drunk Drivers

Out of an urban population of more than 300,000, Santa Barbara drunk driver arrests account for about 10% every single year. Almost 3,000 drivers are arrested for driving under the influence annually in Santa Barbara, which
isn’t surprising. The law enforcement in this area are not as laid back and relaxed as the rest of the lifestyle and people are, so anyone who considers driving drunk needs to think twice before getting behind the wheel. There are plenty of ways that a Santa Barbara drunk driver can get busted, but there are the most common red flags for law enforcement.

A list of most common red flags of a Santa Barbara drunk driver

  • Speeding. Drivers are already impaired, and then choose to speed to get home quickly or they have a lack of judgment in their driving abilities causing them to speed. Speeders are the first thing cops look for, and any speeder that is highly intoxicated won’t be overlooked.
  • Weaving. Drinking impairs judgment and motor skills, causing people to weave while driving. This is easy to spot and a surefire sign of drunk driving for law enforcement. Anyone who goes over the lines, especially, will be suspected of being a Santa Barbara drunk driver.
  • Driving too slow. Often, because people are intoxicated, they want to be more careful on the roads. Therefore, they will drive slower than necessary, and this is a big red flag for cops. If a driver is going too slow they will be pulled over for suspicious behavior and this is when the DUI will be issued if intoxication is noticeable or if a test is performed.
  • Running red lights or disobeying stop signs. Failure to obey traffic signals and signs is something that many drunk drivers are caught doing. In fact, even sober drivers get busted for this on a regular basis.
  • Improper signal use or having lights out on the car. When a car has a headlight or taillight out, or a driver does not signal properly, they are a red flag for law enforcement regardless of their state of intoxication. Anytime a Santa Barbara drunk driver is attempting to get home under influence, they are putting themselves at risk by not following traffic laws or having a car that isn’t following the laws.

These are five ways that a Santa Barbara drunk driver can easily get caught and charged with a DUI. These are all common traffic offenses that indicate that something is amiss to law enforcement. If you have been caught violating the law and charged with DUI, you need a qualified lawyer to represent you when fighting your case.

A Santa Barbara drunk driver should have a professional lawyer to maximize a positive outcome.

About the Author: Kenneth M. Hallum is a Santa Barbara DUI Attorney with over 10 years experience in helping drunk drivers in Santa Barbara win their case. Would you like to learn more about Underage DUI Penalties? For more information about underage DUI penalties, Santa Barbara drunk driver cases, plea bargain and penalties for a DUI, then you’re at the right place.

What Are 5 Ways Santa Barbara Drunk Drivers Get Caught?

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