Will A Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Help Outline The Field Sobriety Test?

Will A Santa Barbara Dui Attorney Help Outline The Field Sobriety Test?

Preparation course from a Santa Barbara DUI attorney

Getting caught driving drunk is never a good experience. Fortunately,knowing what to expect can help you to assure that you were apprehended andcharged correctly and that the officer did not do anything that was out ofline compared to what is typically required to prove intoxication at thetime of the traffic stop.

Your Santa Barbara DUI attorney will want you tounderstand the basics of the field sobriety test and other events that willoccur when you are stopped for a suspected DUI.

A Santa Barbara DUI attorney will help you to understand the moving parts.

In Santa Barbara, California, the laid-backlifestyle stops at the law, which is taken very seriously. If you are testedfor a DUI, you will have to perform any or all of the following tests toprove your sobriety (or intoxication level):

  • Eye testYou will be asked to track a finger or pencil with your eyes,without moving your head. The officer will look at your ability to followthe object, whether your eyes waver at certain points, and determine if youhave extreme reflexes, which is often a sign of impairment.
  • Balance: Standing on one foot with your hands at your side, you will haveto keep your other foot 30 inches off the ground and count by thousands tosee how long you can stay that way. Typically, most intoxicated persons lastless than 10 seconds. The shorter the time, the more intoxicated a personusually is. A Santa Barbara DUI attorney would tell you this test is one of the most important ones.
  • Walking the lineThis tests your motor skills and processing, because youhave to follow two sets of instructions at once. You must walk up and down aline for 10 steps, counting and taking heel to toe steps.
  • Finger countingA test to determine your cognitive coordination, where youwill count 1,2,3,4/4,3,2,1 touching each finger to your thumb.
  • Clapping: A test that again checks coordination, where you must clap onepalm with the back of your other hand while counting.

In addition to these tests, you may be asked to submit to a chemicalbreathalyzer test in the field. This is a portable test and, as any Santa Barbara DUI attorney will say, you do have theright to refuse it if you choose. You shouldn’t refuse any test that you areasked to perform if you want to relieve yourself of guilt, though.

With theright Santa Barbara DUI attorney, your chances of winning your case are muchhigher.

About the Author: KennethM. Hallum, Santa Barbara DUI attorney,can give you more information about penalties for a DUI if you found this article helpful.

Will A Santa Barbara Dui Attorney Help Outline The Field Sobriety Test?

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