Hallum Law 2020 Year In Review
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Hallum Law 2020 YEAR IN REVIEW

Hallum Law 2020 Year In Review

“2020 marks our 15th year anniversary helping clients navigate the  legal system.  I  want to thank our loyal clients for their trust and support, I’m looking forward to many more years of serving you.”


Dear Friends,

With 2021 (thankfully) around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to review some of the highlights of the year.

January 2020 was one of the busiest months on record for our law practice, and the year ahead looked like more of the same.

On February 14th I asked you to share the love on our Yelp page.  So many of you left heartwarming reviews, and it’s always a pleasure to read them.  I repost these reviews on our Facebook Fan page to help others learn how I’m winning cases with knowledge of the local laws.

When March rolled around, and Coronavirus headlines started dominated the airwaves, I knew this year was going to be anything but ordinary.

As the year progressed, I started to see a rise in DUI cases.  Many of you know, DUI805.com is a branch of my law practice which focuses on DUI Law.  Part of my experience as a former police officer included serving on a DUI enforcement unit. This particular training gave me a unique insight into how DUIs are dealt with locally.

My history in the police force, with the law and legal processes on the front lines of the justice system, gives me a unique insight when fighting DUI and hit and run cases. These are serious offense that should not be dealt with on your own.  You need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

This year I saved many clients thousands of dollars in fines and spared them significant jail time.  Perhaps of equal importance, we were able to keep serious charges off their records and allow them to lead a productive life after their trial ends.

With the unprecedented rise in bankruptcies and even more anticipated due to the pandemic, I elected to open Bankrupt805.com This new branch of Hallum Law was created to streamline bankruptcy procedures and make the difficult process of filing bankruptcy easier for my clients.

News sources are predicting a tidal wave of bankruptcies in 2021.  Individual filings are expected to soar. Entertainment and recreational businesses that cater to large groups are among the hardest hit from the pandemic.  Many are being forced to restructure.

During the stay at home order I focused on enhancing my web presence, making the website more secure, SSL friendly, mobile friendly, improving page content, and adding social media sharing features. Shout out to our website pros at LAUNCH805.

The Hallum Law website is aimed at providing clients with the latest legal news. On the blog I share my unique understanding of both sides of the law.  A few popular blogs this year include “Do Speeding Tickets Affect Insurance?” and “DMV Point System Demystified”  and “How to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed”

2020 marks a special milestone — Hallum Law’s 15th year anniversary helping clients navigate the legal system. I want to thank our loyal clients for their trust and support, I’m looking forward to many more years of serving you.  I also offer a preliminary case evaluation at no charge, to make all of the legalese a little easier to digest and understand.

As a criminal defense lawyer serving the Santa Barbara, CA area, I have first hand experience with the local laws, fines and insurance rates in our area. Whether you are dealing with a hit and runcell phone tickets, red light or speeding tickets, DUI or bankruptcy, Hallum Law wants to ensure that you know your rights and options.

Have a safe NYE. If you need help with a legal case, call 805-564-3101 or send an email to ken@hallumlaw.com

Hallum Law 2020 Year In Review

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