How To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

How to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

How To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

How to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

Getting a red light ticket in California can be very stressful. Imagine checking your mailbox to collect your mail only to find out that you have been cited for a red light ticket. All of a sudden, you find yourself in a tight financial spot for potential hundreds of dollars in fees, fines, and court costs. On top of that, the possibility of an increased insurance rate starts to hound your thoughts.

As your panic kicks in, you start to think of ways to solve your situation. Is there a way to get your red light ticket dismissed? Will it really cause your insurance premium to increase? Let’s take a closer look at red light tickets and see if you can really get one dismissed.

Can a Red Light Ticket Affect Car Insurance Rates in California?

According to DMV rules, you automatically gain one point on your driver’s record if you run a red light anywhere in California. This rule holds true regardless whether you were ticketed by a police officer or a red light camera.

How To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

The bad news is that all traffic violations such as running a red light can be publicly accessed and viewed by anyone—including your car insurance company.

Car insurance providers function based on risk algorithms. While these procedures vary among insurers, they still base the rate of your insurance premiums from these risk assessments. Each time you receive a traffic ticket, it increases your risk as a driver. As your risk increases, the chances of your insurance company making claims payout may also increase. You should keep in mind that insurers hate making claims payouts. Your insurance company will definitely increase your premium if they think you will cost them more in claims payouts.

But of course, insurance companies can’t keep tabs on every insured driver they have. They may not check more than once or twice a year, so this gives you a grace period before your insurance premium increases. This period also gives you ample time to take action and get your red light ticket dismissed before it can even increase the amount you need to pay for your insurance.

How Red Light Tickets Affect Car Insurance Rates in California

Did you know that gaining a point in your driver’s record may increase your auto insurance premium by as much as 92 percent? Most insurance companies also consider other factors when computing for insurance premiums such as the type of traffic ticket, frequency of violations, and other information about each citation.

How To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

Here in California, running a red light will cost you about a 20 percent increase in your premium. Normally, you won’t see any rate adjustment until the next calendar year, which is usually the time you have forgotten about your ticket. You may forget about your ticket, but your insurance company never will. According to DMV rules, points stay on your license for a minimum of 3 years. This means 3 years of higher insurance premiums because of your red light ticket.

How Much Red Light Tickets Affect Car Insurance Rates in California

According to NerdWallet, the average cost for a driver to acquire insurance coverage nationwide is $1,621 per annum or $135 per month . You may pay more or less depending on various factors.

Let’s assume that you pay $135 every month now for your insurance, then you get cited for a running a red light. Once you receive your new insurance premium quote, you’ll pay 20 percent more because a point got added to your license. This means, your new premium is now $162 a month and you’ll be required to pay $1,944 annually for the next 3 years. Imagine a $323 increase just because one point got added to your driver’s record.

Out-of-State Tickets and Insurance Rates

Luckily, it is possible to get a red light ticket dismissed in California. The good news is that it’s actually cheaper than paying those increased insurance premiums. One way of getting a red light ticket dismissed is through a method called Trial by Declaration. This gives you the opportunity to contest your case without having to go personally to court. Trial by Declaration is like a court trial, just in written form. Since this method requires a written statement, you need to make sure that you do it properly. This is where Hallum Law comes in the picture. Our expert legal team can help you write a solid written defense to get your ticket dismissed.

How To Get A Red Light Ticket Dismissed

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