Cell Phone Tickets

Cell phone tickets are a very common ticket in California, and thus we have fought and won hundreds of these tickets. Fines for these tickets start at $148 for the first offense, and jump up to $256 for each subsequent offense! Cell phone tickets will appear on your driving record with the DMV and will also be reported to your insurance carrier.

3 Reasons Why You Should Let Us Fight & Win Your Cell Phone Ticket:

  1. Keep your DMV record clean (Although Cell phone and texting ticket do not carry points, they may still show on your DMV report which is why it’s always better to dismiss such charges).
  2. Prevent possible insurance hikes (Some insurance companies may still raise your premiums for having convictions such as this as well as “confidential convictions” from traffic school.  This is why we always encourage fighting and dismissing ALL Santa Barbara traffic tickets).
  3. No court appearance required (Traffic ticket lawyer Kenneth M. Hallum will take care of the entire trial by declaration for you).

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Kenneth M. Hallum is a criminal defense lawyer, admitted to the California State Bar Association in 2004, and whose focus is on traffic law in California. As a private defense attorney, he has also served as a conflict public defender, and court appointed criminal defense attorney.

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