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DUI With Injury

DUI With Injury

Consequences of DUI With Injuries

If you have been arrested for DUI, driving under the influence, and injured someone in the process, you are facing felony charges and much more serious penalties. Whether the injured person was a pedestrian, in another vehicle or in your own car, injuring someone raises the bar on the consequences to be expected. Penalties can include 90 days to one year in a county jail or even 2 to 3 years in a state prison. If more than one party is injured as a result of drunk driving, one additional year in state prison can be added to the sentence. As with any other DUI charge, you have every right to plead not guilty and have a competent Santa Barbara DUI attorney representing you against the charges.

Whenever you have to defend yourself for DUI charges it is important to realize there are more consequences that will affect your life for years to come if you are convicted. Suspension of your license will create hardships in getting to and from work and other places, your insurance costs will increase, you may even have difficulties finding a job with a DUI on your record. It is vital to contact the Law Offices of Kenneth Hallum to possibly avoid these consequences.

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara

  • Attorney Ken Hallum is an aggressive and knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer. Having been a police officer for 22 years in which he worked a DUI unit and court assignment, he is well versed in this area of the law. His area of expertise focuses exclusively on driving under the influence defense in California.
  • Mr. Hallum consistently follows developing case law to ensure you obtain the very best legal defense strategies available. He personally will work on your case, preparing it from beginning to end.
  • He provides an intimate legal relationship with every one of his clients. Having successfully represented numerous clients for their DUI charges, he is confident he can do the same for you. Contact him for a free initial consultation.

Need experienced DUI representation for you DUI involving injuries? Contact the Law Offices of Kenneth M. Hallum today!

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Santa Barbara Traffic Attorney Ken Hallum

Kenneth M. Hallum is a Santa Barbara traffic attorney with over 10 years experience in helping drivers in Santa Barbara win their case. Would you like to learn more about how Ken can help you win your traffic case? For more information and a case evaluation, call 805-564-3101. Visit the blog to learn more about Santa Barbara traffic attorney information, including traffic law, underage DUI penalties, penalties for a DUI, traffic attorney Santa Barbara charges, Santa Barbara attorney rates, Santa Barbara DUI statistics, drunk driver rights, plea bargain DUI info, traffic law conviction procedure and much more.


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