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Santa Barbara DUI Law Firm Celebrates 10th Anniversary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 2, 2015, Santa Barbara CA: When drivers in Santa Barbara are stopped for a DUI infraction, they want to be represented by someone who has a great deal of knowledge and experience with Santa Barbara DUI Laws. With its strong reputation for representing t...

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DUI Defense Attorney in Santa Barbara

Drinking and Driving under 21

What chance do I have to win? I'm underage, was drinking, then was driving and now I've been arrested. This is a common question which so many underage drivers have. However, you have the legal right to a proper defense and you have ...

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What Can A DUI Defense Lawyer Do For Me?

Santa Barbara DUI Attorney

Being arrested for DUI of alcohol or drugs is a very grave matter that requires urgent handling if you are to preserve your driving privilege. If you are arrested, you risk losing your license and possibly being arrested. Law enforcemen...

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