Santa Barbara’s Traffic Attorney

A Santa Barbara traffic ticket can make your insurance rates go up substantially, and additionally you could even lose your license with enough DMV points on your record. So it is important to fight every Santa Barbara traffic ticket since each ticket on your record has an impact. Please note we also handle Santa Maria traffic ticket cases, Solvang traffic ticket cases as well as Lompoc traffic ticket cases.

Like many people, you are likely not familiar with the language and routines involved in Santa Barbara or Solving traffic court proceedings, which is why it can be difficult for most drivers to make a persuasive presentation to the judge putting you at a distinct disadvantage when opposing a police officer who has been to Santa Barbara or Solving traffic court on numerous occasions and knows how to present his or her case well. Being well versed in California traffic law and legal processes and procedures, Attorney Kenneth M. Hallum can drastically increase your chances of winning your case. Utilizing court rules and procedures he increases your chances of winning your traffic case, receiving no fine, no points, no suspension and no insurance penalties by presenting a procedurally compelling case on your behalf. Regardless of how insignificant your citation may seem at the time, it is almost always worth your while in the long run to consult a traffic ticket lawyer about your case.

Attorney Kenneth M. Hallum increases your chances of winning your Santa Barbara traffic ticket case, receiving no fine, no points, suspension or insurance penalties, and offers representation for all traffic violations.


Speeding Tickets

At one time or another almost everyone who has ever been pulled over has tried to get out of a speeding ticket. They try to talk the officer out of the ticket there at the scene or by going to court and hoping to get it dismissed.

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Red Light Tickets

If you have received a red light ticket, consider getting legal advice quickly. California has some of the stiffest fines for red light tickets, approximately $500. This does not include the raise in your insurance rates if points are assessed.

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Hit and Run

Suspended License

There are a number of reasons a license may be suspended. Here are some of the common traffic infractions for which your license may be suspended.

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Hit And Run

It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident involving either property damage or injury without providing your contact information to the other driver. This law applies regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

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Cell Phone Tickets

Cell phone tickets are a very common ticket in California, and thus we have fought and won hundreds of these tickets. Fines for these tickets start at $148 for the first offense, and jump up to $256 for each subsequent offense! Cell phone tickets will appear on your driving record with the DMV and will also be reported to your insurance carrier.

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